Shinework Media, Established in 2000, is dedicated to film & TV production and international cultural events planning. It also provides professional services for cross cultural communication and cooperation for China and international film industry. Since its establishment, Shinework Media has been assigned by the China Movie Channel to produce international feature programs “World Film Report”. The programme has been invited to more than 100countries and over 3000 episodes of programme have been broadcasted on the channel. It is the brand programme on the channel and has been a unique window for millions of Chinese to understand and appreciate the world culture. In the last 17 years, the programme has been stimulating the travel trends for Chinese to visit the countries. It also has been increasing the potential co-operation in varied fields between China and the visited countries.

Shinework Pictures is a Chinese film finance, production, and distribution company globally known for developing and producing one of the biggest co-production films in China called "Kung Fu Yoga" starring Jackie Chan. Shinework is positioned to be one of the next leading China feature film co-production companies supported by a large internal private equity fund. The company is able to fully finance or co-finance development and production for a slate of feature films that not only appeal to the China market but also international markets. Shinework recently announced its film fund and initial slate of films at the Silk Road International Film Festival in Xi'an. The initial slate includes a number of new high profile China co-production films such a China-India co-production "Monkey Master" based on a Chinese superhero character from Stan Lee, "Zodiacation" a theatrical animation China-Canada co-production, the first China-Iran co-production "Way to Shaolin" which is an official Shaolin Kung Fu film, the first China-Kazakhstan co-production "The Composer" based on one of China's most famous composers, and several other co-production films in development. The Company is also actively in the process of negotiating several new high profile co-production film deals with USA, UK, Germany, France, Indonesia, Brazil, Egypt, Cuba, Greece, and many more.